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Flightless Fruitfly Care Sheet
  How to Successfully Raise and Grow
Flightless & Wingless Fruitflies
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Culture Care:
  • Keep the Culture in temperatures of 65° - 80° F. Min/Max Temps
    of 50° - 90° F. Do not put the culture in direct sun.
  • It's important to maintain a reproductive population of flies. Keep a couple dozen in the culture at all times and you'll ensure continuous reproduction. These adult flies will be busy laying more eggs and ensuring that you will have a successful supply of flies. At the same time, don't allow too many flies to develop. A large number of flies will rapidly consume the feeding medium, and dead flies will pollute the substrate. Feed the fruit flies to your animals regularly
  • Don't let any Flying Flies get into the culture - you will end up with flying and non-flying flies...real annoyance.
  • It is important to keep the culture as germ free as possible, so always wash your hands before handling it.
  • That's All There is To It!
Controlling the Lifespan of Your Fruit Fly Culture:
By controlling temperature, it's possible to control the rate of reproduction. Optimum reproductive rate occurs at temperatures of approximately 80° F. At around 60° F, reproductive rate slows, thus allowing longer feeding time and longer use from a ingle culture. Obviously, the more flies you use, the higher you will want the reproductive rate to be.

Feeding to Your Pets:
When it's feeding time for your pets, tap the container lightly on a countertop. This will cause the flies to fall to the bottom of the container so they won't escape when you take the lid off. As long as you continue to tap the container every few seconds, the flies won't be able to escape. Simply remove the lid, tilt the container over your animal's home and tap until the desired number of fruit flies fall out. You may need to hold a finger on the plastic mesh so it doesn't fall out when you tap.

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