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Silkworm Care Sheet
  How to Successfully Raise and Grow Silkworms
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How to Care for your Silkworms, UPON ARRIVAL:
  • Transfer the Silkworms to a larger plastic container or cardboard box. Small ventilation holes in the lid of the container works well.
  • If there is any food remaining in the shipping container, discard. Do not allow the worms to continue feeding on the old food
  • Feed The Worms (see below). Silkworms ONLY eat mulberry leaves or the prepared mulberry diet available at The Silkworm Shop. It is important to feed the worms. During shipment, the less food we put in with the worms, the better. The moisture and bacteria will be a problem after several days in a closed container. A few days without food and the silkworm will become dehydrated and need to be fed. If you ordered our prepared silkworm food, keep it refrigerated and always wash your hands before handling the food or silkworms.
  • If condensation and moisture develop, vent or remove the lid and allow all moisture to dry out. A fan works well for quick dry outs between feeding.
  • Continue to feed daily and keep the silkworms warm.
  • It is very important that you allow the food from the day before to dry before you feed again. If you are having problems with getting the food to dry out, a fan works well for quick dry-outs.
  1. Wash hands thoroughly before handling the worms or food or the worms may develop bacterial problems.
  2. Using a cheese grater, grate a small amount of food onto the worms. The food will grate much more easily when it is refrigerated. Try to get the food evenly and fully distributed around the container. Replace lid loosely for ventilation or you may choose to not use a lid at all. Feed the silkworms at least once a day. If you want to grow the worms larger, feed them as much as they will eat, however, always allow the old food to dry out before re-feeding.
  3. Divide silkworms into larger plastic containers as they grow
  4. Do not let condensation form in the container. Worms must remain dry. Please see below for more details about moisture and condensation.
  5. Clean container of waste matter at least weekly and more as the silkworm grow larger.
  6. For best results and optimal growth rate, maintain temperatures between 78° and 80° F. Don't let temp fall below 55° or above 90°.
Excessive condensation forming in the container after feeding is the leading cause of failure and may cause mold and bacteria to form, which can be harmful to the silkworms. You won't have this problem if you aren't feeding them. The old food mat and droppings must remain dry and free of mold. If mold and condensation do form, take the lid off your container and allow the container and old food to completely dry out. A fan works well for quick dry-outs between feeding. Always make sure the previous food is dry before feeding the worms again. Old, moist food is a breeding ground for mold and other problems, dry food is not. Don't use a lid if you have a moisture problem.

Under ideal conditions, silkworms can go from egg to 1 inch in length in about 12 days, and 3 inches in under 30 days. The worms will begin to spin cocoons at about 28 - 30 days old or when they are between 2 1/2 and 3 inches or longer.

Proper Handling Procedures:
Silkworms are susceptible to bruising and dying if not handled with care, especially as they grow larger. When handling and transferring the worms, be very gentle. Do not drop silkworms from a height of more than an inch or two. Always wash your hands before handling the worms.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or comments regarding Silkworm Care

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