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Vinegar Eel Care Sheet
  How to Care for and Raise Vinegar Eels
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Caring for Starter Cultures:
  • Upon Arrival: Remove triple bagging from vinegar eel culture and pour into an 8oz or larger deli or tuperware container. Add a slice of apple (not a must, but helpful). Be sure the lid has holes poked in it for ventilation. If youíre using a larger container, you can top it off with 50% water, 50% apple cider vinegar. Mix water/vinegar before adding to culture.
  • To start a new culture, use the mixture above with a slice of apple. Add about 1oz of the established vinegar eel culture to the new culture.
  • Keep the culture at room temperature.
  • Vinegar Eel cultures require no care and will sit for many weeks, even months before you need them again. During storage, stir your cultures about once a week to prevent a film from developing over the top.
Harvesting and Serving to Your Fish:
You will need A wide-mouth jar, such as a mayonnaise jar, a small coffee filter and a small kitchen strainer.
  1. Cut the coffee filter small enough to fit the strainer. And place the filter inside the strainer. Place the strainer over the mouth of the jar. If you donít have a small strainer, just hold the filter over the jar and pour very slowly.
  2. Gently pour the vinegar eel liquid into the strainer until youíve filled up to somewhere below the strainer.
  3. Most of the eels will pass through the filter, so pour the strained mixture back into your culture.
  4. Invert the filter into a glass or second jar filled with aquarium water.
  5. Pour the desired amount of vinegar eels into your aquarium.
  6. The vinegar eels will live for days in your aquarium, so itís hard to overfeed.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or comments regarding Vinegar Eel Care

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