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Live Daphnia
(Daphnia Magna)

  Live Fish Food = Optimum Fish Health!
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Please see our Hikari Freeze Dried Daphnia.

Product Description:

Daphnia are One of the Best Live Fish Feeders. There Are Hundreds of Species of Daphnia. We Carry the larger Daphnia Magna Variety. Daphnia, also called Water Fleas are crustaceans that filter-feed on "green water" material. Their shell-like body protects their swimming and feeding appendages. They feed by sieving the water to extract phytoplankton or detritus. Many Aquarists find that feeding live daphnia results in remarkable improvements in the appearance, health and longevity of their aquarium fish.

Live Daphnia

    Use Daphnia For Feeding:
  • Betta fry from 1/2 inch
  • Newt and Salamander larvae
  • Killifish fry from 1/2 inch
  • Guppy sub-adults and adults
  • All types of Tetras and Barbs
  • Discus of all types.
  • In General, fish to about 3 inches.
  • Great for Conditioning fish for spawning

Daphnia Has Been Discontinued

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