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Flightless Fruit Fly Larvae
    Live D. Hydei Flightless FruitFly Larvae
For Feeding Aquarium Fish!
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D. Hydei Fruitfly Larvae (1/8'' - 1/4'')
1.5 ounces - $8.50

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Heat Pack - $2.50
For Shipment To High Temps Below 40°F
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Product Description:
Flightless Fruit Fly Larvae
1.5 ounces Flightless Fruitfly Larvae
  • Flightless Fruit Fly Larvae Make a Wonderful
    Live Treat for Your Tropical Aquarium Fish
  • D. Hydei Larvae are 1/8'' - 1/4''
  • The Larvae will be shipped to you with enough food to keep them going
    until they begin to pupate.
  • After pupation, the larvae will turn into Fruitflies that DO NOT FLY.
    These Goodies also make an excellent additional live fish food
    for your aquarium denizen.
  • Live Fish Food and Variety Increase the Overall Health of Your Fish.

Also Available:
Living D. Hydei & D. Melanogaster Flightless FruitFlies!

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