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Rice Flour Beetle Larvae
(Tribolium confusum)

  An Unusual Live Feeder for Tropical Fish
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Please See Product Description Below

Rice Flour Beetles - 1 Culture - $12.50

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Rice Flour Beetles - 3 Cultures - $32.95

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Heat Pack - $2.50
For Shipment To High Temps of 40° and Below
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Rice Flour Beetle Culture Kit - $27.50
  • One Culture of Rice Flour Beetles
  • Five 16oz Containers
  • Five Poly-Fabric Insect Lids
  • 2lbs Rice Flour Beetle Media
  • Easy-To-Follow Instructions

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rice flour beetle kit
Rice Flour Beetle Kit

live fish food  
Rice Flour Beetles
Rice Flour Beetles & Larvae

Product Description:
  • Larvae are 1/4'' Adults are 1/8''
  • Each culture contains many more than 100 rice flour larvae and beetles
    that will reproduce quickly.
  • A perfect back-up food which can be stored for several months in a dark, dry place and used As An Occasional Treat for Your Fish.
  • Rice Flour Beetles Require NO CARE and WILL LAST MANY MONTHS
  • Simply Sift Larvae, Rinse and Feed to Your Fish.
  • Cultures Will Continue to Propagate Indefinitely,
    Just Freshen Up with Flour As You Use.

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