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Silkworm Food
  * Silkworm Chow for Silkworms!
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1lb Ready-to-Eat Silkworm Food - $12.95
Silkworms Only Eat Mulberry Leaves or Our Prepared Mulberry Food.

Please See Product Description Below

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2lb Ready-to-Eat Silkworm Food - $22.95
Enough to Grow Approximately 50 Silkworms
from Egg to Extra Large

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1lb Powdered Silkworm Food - $26.95
Requires Cooking- Instructions Inclulded
1lb Powdered Silkworm Food Makes 4lbs When Prepared

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2lbs Powdered Silkworm Food - $47.95
Requires Cooking- Instructions Inclulded
2lbs Powdered Silkworm Food Makes 8lbs When Prepared

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Product Description: silkworm food
Ready-To-Eat Silkworm Food
  • Silkworms Can Only Eat Mulberry Leaves OR Special Silkworm Food.
    Do Not Feed Them Anything Else, It Will Kill Them.
  • Our Silkworm Food, Also Called Silkworm Chow,
    Is Available Either Prepared or in Powdered Form.
  • Powdered Silkworm Chow is a Better Value, Although it Requires Cooking.
  • If You Plan of Keeping Your Silkworms for Longer Than a Few Days or Growing them As Large as 3'' to Coocoon Stage,
    You'll Need Silkworm Food.
  • Silkworms Include Easy to Follow Instructions.

Please Click Here To Order Living Silkworms!

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