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Vinegar Eels
(Turbatrix Aceti)

  Tiny Food for Fish Fry & Adult Fish!
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Please See Product Description Below

Vinegar Eels - 16oz Culture
Quantity 1 - $9.95

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Vinegar Eels - 16oz Cultures
Quantity 3 - $22.50

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Heat Pack - $2.50
For Shipment To High Temps of 40° and Below
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Product Description:

Vinegar Eels are a type of Nematode. They reach a maximum size of about 1/16'' and eat bacteria and fungi that grow in unpasteurized vinegar solutions. Vinegar eels live an average of 10 months, giving birth to as many as 45 young every 8 to 10 days. The MAIN ADVANTAGE to Using Vinegar Worms is that they survive for many days in aquarium water. Most live fish food isn't aquatic and can die within hours of being introduced into the tank.

Vinegar Eels
Close-Up of vinegar Eels
    Feed Vinegar Eels To:
  • Betta fry when newly hatched
  • Corydoras fry when newly hatched
  • Apistogramma fry at free swimming
  • Killifish fry when newly hatched
  • Gourami newly hatched to 1/4 inch
  • When fry are too small for microworms
  • When fry are too small for baby brine shrimp
  • Also Use to Supplement the Diet of Adult Tropical Fish.
  • Vinegar Eels are one of the Easiest Live Feeders to Keep!
    They Need No Daily Care and Can Sit for Months.

We Also Offer Live Microworms for Feeding Fish Fry

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